Is ModiCare really a reform?

The so called #RightToHealthcare touted as ‘wow’ factor prompted me to dig in to the biggest healthcare reform in the world that the British Govt introduced in 1948 after world war II. The National Health Service.
The simple motto of the NHS was ‘Unified Medical Service’ born out of the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. The founding principles were that services should be comprehensive, universal and free at the point of delivery. UK’s health service system operates independently, and is politically accountable to the relevant government of the day.
Each developed or developing country has an unwritten responsibility towards their poor or underprivileged people. UK too had been addressing this responsibility since the turn of last century. Calls for a “unified medical service” can be dated back to the ‘Minority Report’ of the’Royal Commission on the Poor Law’ in 1909, but it was following the 1942 Beveridge Report’s recommendation to create “comprehensive health and rehabilitation services for prevention and cure of disease” that cross-party consensus emerged on introducing a National Health Service. It was socialist Labour party’s Clement Attlee Govt that introduced the NHS.
The rightist Conservative party’s Winston Churchill Govt after 3 years introduced the first prescription charge to NHS and ever since there has been a political wrangle between the socialists and the rightists in UK for keeping the NHS as a public service and privatising it.
The basic argument to understand is the difference between the political motives of opposing ideologies. No rightist Govt’s across the world ever is in favour of anything ‘free’ as their ideology hovers around capitalism.
I simply don’t understand what wow factor is being cheered about in today’s budget and the historic ‘ModiCare’ reform. Introducing insurance based reform taking away free healthcare is reform? Then we need to go back to school.
Even ObamaCare attempted to cover 15% of those Americans who were deprived of medical service to be covered under the universal healthcare system with a subsidised insurance scheme. To spread the cost younger healthier people were to be included by charging premium. ObamaCare already ran aground with change of guard in Washington DC.
Arun Jaitley bragged shamelessly calling ModiCare the biggest healthcare reform in the world. The FM needed lessons in global healthcare initiatives before he addressed the Indian Parliament with tall claims without revealing any significant details. As it is most of ‘biggest in the world’, or ‘first in the world’ claims of 4 years of Modi Govt’s reforms, policies have floundered disastrously and have needed endless repair patches straight after. RBI is still counting notes after demonetisation and flawless GST keeps being modified after a ‘midnight something’ nightmare. Gas cylinder subsidies have been a proven fake claim and now Rs 2.00 reduction in fuel prices have been stealthily compensated with Rs 4.00 in cess. So far most praises for ModiCare have come from private healthcare sector as it’s a win win situation for them.
So people do your own research and don’t rely on ‘Godi Media’ to work out finer details of ModiCare rather than taking spectacular lies on face value.

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