PM Modi accuses Karnataka of corruption but won’t talk about Gujarat’s corruption

PM Modi is wildly accusing Karnataka Govt of corruption but conveniently ignoring rampant and fiery (literally) corruption in his home state Gujarat that is reaching epic proportions.
First it was Gondal, Saurashtra’s biggest groundnut market yard warehouse that was razed to ground in a massive fire with groundnut stock of thousands of crores. Same incident happened in Gandhidham, Kutchh earlier and now GIFT City, Modi’s dream project has caught fire and it’s main admin building has turned to ashes.
What’s common among all these incidents of fire in such a short time? Corruption to the scale of thousands of crores of rupees. All these fires have been actually deliberate cases of arson to destroy evidences and it’s an open secret among Gujarat’s bureaucracy. To the extent that collector of Gondal district has accepted foull play and launched investigation. It has to be seen how far the investigation will go in Modi raj.
Allegedly crores of rupees worth groundnut stock procured from farmers have been sold off and then the warehouses have caught fire in a massive corruption scandal. Rupani Govt was forced to enforce CID investigation but the way probe is being conducted, it wreaks of botched probe already to protect the high and mighty of BJP govt.
For example the Govt version is the fire happened due to an accident in welding work. But the truth is there’s no electric connection in the warehouse. So no question of welding works. On top there is no plausible explanation of oil barrels found on the site which have nothing to do with the stock or the warehouse. Farmers have been left wondering how the entire stock of groundnut can burn down in a single fire and why there was no fire safety protocol in such an important place. Farmers say there have been instances of transformers burning down in their farms but never before have they witnessed their stock burnt.
In Gondal alone, more than 2 lakh bags of groundnut have been destroyed in fire. BJP Govt has not even revealed how many bags of groundnut were destroyed in Gandhidham fire in an attempt to cover up.
Now PM Modi’s favourite dream project GIFT City that has been in the development pipeline for years is mysteriously found in the centre of another fire. GIFT City’s main admin building where the project’s files were stored is destroyed amid a conspiracy or foul play.
Let the Prime Minister answer some uncomfortable questions of corruption his own BJP Govt in his home state is involved in.

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