Agrarian Crisis in Gujarat but Govt busy in Sardar Patel Statue Mega Show

15th September was the last day of monsoon in Gujarat. It’s been a month since then but Gujarat Govt has not yet declared drought or emergency when more than 5000 villages/towns have faced crop failure. On the contrary entire Govt machinery is fully occupied in Sardar Patel statue inauguration mega show preparation and travelling to all other states to invite and organise attendance. 

Where the Rs 3000 crore statue is located, the situation of farmers is worst there in Narmada district. Gujarat Govt has not devised agriculture policy resulting in agrarian crisis. Drought is declared in only 14 Talukas in Gujarat. 54 Talukas have seen crop failure and more than 20 districts have witnessed less than 50% rain so they too are facing situation of crop failure making the agrarian crisis grave. 

Sardar Patel had efficiently helped distressed farmers in introducing measures like waiving land revenue in drought affected areas and fought for farmers earning the title of Sardar. Today the Govt is ignorant about farmers but fully focussed on installing a statue of Sardar made in China. Kisan Kranti President Bharat Sinh Jhala said:” If Sardar had been around, he would have asked the Govt to help distressed farmers rather than wasting money in statue”.

Out of Gujarat’s 33 districts, 252 Talukas, 18,000 villages, more than 5000 villages have faced crop failure. Farmers are in crisis and urged the Govt for help. At least 10 inches of rain in 5 phases was needed for crop. Lack of which resulted in failure in light of no irrigation by state Govt. More than 2000 villages/towns need fodder in emergency which is not planned by Govt at all.

Kutch registered average 417 mm rain but more than 10 Talukas registered just 111 mm rain. Patan district in North Gujarat registered 600 mm average but 9 Talukas registered only 184 mm rain. Likewise most districts including Ahmedabad registered much below average rain that has created drought situation with more than 40% districts will face drinking water crisis in coming days with some rural areas already there.

A bundle of fodder for kettle that usually cost Rs 10 is now being sold in the market for Rs 40 or even Rs 50 already. Farmers have warned if Govt takes no timely steps then a very large number of kettle will be starved and die.

But Vijay Rupani Govt is busy with Sardar Patel statue show with ministerial teams formed to travel to other states inviting people to attend the opening. CM Vijay Rupani and senior ministers will even go for election campaigning in poll bound states ignoring own state’s crisis. After all elections are more important than governance for Modi.

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