Gujarat on Ram Bharose

When smouldering fire of #Padmaavat film is still haunting Gujarat’s citizens, Gujarat’s BJP Govt has become so shameless and irresponsible that not one minister has stepped forward to address public with words of solidarity or sympathy. Nor has the Govt sounded any words of caution to good terrorists of Karni Sena.
Gujarat has been witnessing unrest across the state since last 4 days but yesterday it took a horrific turn in Ahmedabad with cinemas attacked, burnt down and thousands of vehicles/properties of innocent people torched. Law & order failure was clearly evident and police was inactive mysteriously as if under instructions.
Gujarat’s media and journalists have been desperately trying to get the Govt’s official response and plan of action after yesterday’s gruesome incidents of terror but not a single BJP minister granted audience to any scribe giving a slip by directing them towards other ministers. Even after today’s cabinet meeting of ministers journalists asked just one question to Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja about yesterday and he disappeared saying Dy CM Nitin Patel will answer that. Two hours after cabinet meeting journalists went to Dy CM Nitin Patel’s office at 3:00 pm as per given time by him. Dy CM did not say any thing and left without seeing any one saying he has a meeting with CM.
The bigger question haunting public is what measures will the government take to address violence and restore peace as another evening approaches and fear of terror gripped them. Govt has not sent out any messages of reassurance or contingency plan to tackle unrest. CM, Dy CM, Home Minister or any other senior minister has not come forward to allay fear spread in public. Gujarat feels like there’s no Govt and leadership at the moment.
BJP campaigned vigorously about law & order situation if Congress won in Gujarat to garner votes but today not a single BJP leader is available for people. Both CM and Home Minister left quietly without answering any questions after cabinet meeting. BJP has totally failed people of Gujarat.