Maternity is a curse for women in Gujarat

Modi’s ‘Women Empowerment’ is such a bogus slogan that it’s exposed in this young Gujarati woman’s heartbreaking story. Ms Snehal Pranav Kumar Rana was working as a Lab Technician in Bharuch Civil Hospital for 7 years. She went on 6 months maternity leave. When she reported back to work she was told she’s lost job as her job is now outsourced. The woman questioned Govt whether she has the right of motherhood or not as an Indian citizen or not.

The underlying story is that under Modi as CM, Gujarat introduced temp jobs in most Govt offices across the spectrum and later introduced job outsourcing to show increased job data. Till this day, various departments like health, education, which consist of larger workforce have been facing agitations by employees in vain.

Asha worker women have been facing injustice of losing jobs because of maternity and that issue gained traction during Gujarat elections 2017. To an extent that one Asha worker woman confronted PM Modi in his Vadodara campaign for which she was detained and tortured by authorities mercilessly.

This #LokSabhaElections2019 in Gujarat at least look (based on poll data) that if local issues are debated then BJP will likely lose between 10 & 14 seats. Perhaps that’s why the attempt is to bring nationalism into focus brushing aside real issues of jobs, farmers distress and economy.

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