Gujarat BJP’s own leader accused Railway Minister Piyush Goyal of Rs 200 crore corruption

Gujarat BJP’s own leader accused Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal of Rs 200 crores corruption and that’s the reason behind poaching Congress legislator Dr Ashaben Patel. Recently Gujarat Congress legislator Dr Ashaben Patel defected to BJP in haste. 

BJP insiders revealed that Unjha’s former BJP legislator Naran Patel wrote a letter to Modi Govt at centre alleging corruption of Rs 200 crores in land buying for new railway station for Unjha and threatened to launch agitation if the project goes ahead. Naran Patel directly accused Piyush Goyal of corruption.  Naran Patel was about to launch agitation on 17th February.

So BJP took an overnight decision to curtail their own leader’s career by bringing in his Congress rival Ashaben Patel at any cost. Sources say Naran Patel committed a cardinal crime by pointing a finger at party’s own minister and demanding inquiry.  

Naran Patel  had asked a question in his letter that Unjha’s old station had enough land available for expansion ithen why it was moved and new land bought. He pointed out drop in  railway income because of this controversial decision. NNaran Patel elaborated lack of facilities in new station and the fact that hardly 10% express trains stop at Unjha. 

Delhi explained that Mehsana & Unjha stations were moved due to Delhi Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor. But the fact is local businesses, politicians and people have been protesting the move. BJP’s own local party unit is against the project and threatening agitation. 

Unjha is falls in Modi’s hometown Vadnagar constituency and people accuse the government of injustice meted out in PM’s own backyard. 

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