Have Rakesh Asthana AK Sharma fallen the eyes of Modi?

Two Gujarat cadre IPS officers Rakesh Asthana and AK Sharma are going to be interesting characters in the aftermath of CBI fireworks. Both have been Modi favourites & confidantes brought to Delhi by PMO as part of many IAS/IPS officers from Gujarat as Modi entourage. The idea behind bringing them to Delhi was solely to work for Modi targeting political opponents. Interestingly both IPS officers are now pitted against each other. After filing a favourable report for BJP Govt in Godhra 2002 riots, Rakesh Asthana got all postings where he wished whereas AK Shrmaa has been Modi’s troubleshooter and savage controller for Modi/Shah including fake encounters. 

Both Sharma and Asthana were selected by Modi/Shah duo to be taken to Delhi. 

Now Asthana has accused his own mother cadre officer Sharma of corruption. In contrast he himself is stands accused of accepting Rs 3 crore bribe. 

So now the two high profile IPS officers Asthana and Sharma who are close to PM Modi stand accused of corruption and that is extremely embarrassing for Modi. His position has become really pathetic and those who know Modi well believe firmly that Modi will not help Asthana/Sharma as soon as he manages to blow the storm over. 

The two officers will most likely be shunted back to their home Gujarat as Modi doesn’t touch bureaucrats tainted with corruption charges even with a barge pole. 

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