Modi-Shankarsinh Vaghela Deal or No Deal?

Shankarsinh Vaghela is churning the political pot once again, albeit the pot has changed to BJP. Master chef Modi is trying to make a political khichdi more spicy but Vaghela isn’t ready apparently to add the required spice just yet. Vaghela is reluctant to accept offer of Governorship of any state as recently surfaced reports.
Shankarsinh Vaghela parted ways with Congress at last minute to defeat Ahmed Patel but didn’t succeed in nefarious designs as planned with Modi-Shah duo. The sabotage plan backfired spectacularly. Then Vaghela played supporting role to BJP in Gujarat elections but couldn’t damage Congress a he had expected. Naturally Vaghela’s usefulness was largely diminished in BJP ecosystem.
Sources close to Vagales revealed that before Vaghela split from Congress, an agreement was reached between Vaghela and Modi where there was no talk about Governorship as per the deal. Vaghela’s expectations were different and Modi had largely accepted them too. But, now Modi seems to have backtracked on his promise and under a compromise formula Vaghela is offered to be appointed Governor. Vaghela somehow has stepped back and not accepted this offer. Vaghela has been tightlipped about his demand but according to observers, Vaghela is eyeing upcoming Rajya Sabha elections and is keen for a berth in union ministerial cabinet via RS.
On BJP’s part, Modi wants Vaghela to be sent in as Maharashtra’s Governor in light of Shiv Sena threatening to withdraw support to Maharashtra Govt. If Shiv Sena breaks away there will be a crisis for Fadnavis Govt and Vaghela is an experienced negotiator in horse trading. The same way as Anandiben Patel is sent to MP in anticipation of salvaging BJP in a possible scenario of crisis post assembly elections there as Modi confidante. Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s chair too is rocking internally as Modi is looking for a change of guard in MP.
In the case of Shankarsinh Vaghela it is to be seen as to which way the dust settles as both Modi and Vaghela talk directly without state BJP in the know. As it is Gujarat BJP is non existent and insignificant in the larger picture of politics as Gujarat CM’s cook is instructed not by CM Rupani but by PMO whether CM will have white or black tea.

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