BJP Faces Loss of 10 Parliamentary Seats in Gujarat in 2019

2019 Parliamentary election will be more beneficial to Congress despite BJP’s win in Gujarat. 10 seats have straight advantage for Congress now.
BJP may have won Gujarat assembly polls but the pattern of constituencies that voted for both parties have changed the parliamentary election map for 2019 general elections. Congress has performed better in rural areas than urban. Because of this Congress will have an advantage on 10 seats straight away.
BJP is wiped out totally in 7 districts of Dang, Tapi, Narmada, Amreli, Gir Somnath, Morbi. Besides, Congress did well Banaskantha, Patan, Gandhinagar, Anand, Surendranagar, Jamnagar.
BJP has all 26 parliamentary seats as of now. Check these parliamentary segments results in 2014 compared to assembly results in 2017 that projects the picture of 2019 scenario and the challenges BJP has on its hand in Gujarat.
BJP’s lead in 2014                                        Congress Gain in 2017
Surendranagar: 2,02.907 votes.                 43,069 votes.
Banaskantha: 2,02.334 votes                      26,556 votes
Bharuch: 1,53,273 votes                              1,000 votes
Junagadh: 1.35,832 votes                            1,14,742 lakh votes
Anand: 63,426 votes                                     59,214 votes
Amreli: 1,56,232 votes                                  49,649 votes
Mehsana: 2,08,891 votes                              13,066 votes
Sabarkantha: 84,455 votes                           7,128 votes
Patan: 1,38,719 votes                                     37, 605 votes
This changed scenario has got BJP worried as they managed to hold on to urban Gujarat but were uprooted in rural Gujarat. BJP has to start from scratch agin in rural Gujarat addressing a plethora of issues both the state and central governments have ignored. The upcoming Rajya Sabha election of 69 seats across many states out of which 4 are in Gujarat will be troublesome for BJP.

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